Pazu Garnet Solitaire Ring in 14k White Gold Pazu Garnet Solitaire Ring

Pazu Garnet Solitaire Ring

in 14k White Gold

SKU : AZ2046-8x6-GT-WG14K
Stone Size : 8x6/EC mm
Total Carat Weight : 1.55 CT
Band Width : 1.8 mm

This ring features an emerald cut center stone in the modern East-West design secured by 4 double claw prongs. Create unique gemstone engagement rings with this design by selecting the gems and metals of your choice. This Garnet ring is casted in 14k White Gold, set with Natural Garnet. Your Solitaire gemstone ring also comes with Free Shipping, Free Returns, and a Lifetime Warranty.

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Pazu Garnet Solitaire Ring in 14k White Gold

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Natural, AAAA

Bold and mysterious, garnet’s deep orange-red hues have been referenced in ancient texts throughout history. The alluring gem is known for it’s durability and is excellent for daily wear.

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Center Stone
14k White Gold

14k White Gold

Azeera - Learn more about Metal Guide - 14k White. Explore wedding bands, eternity ring, men's & women's rings and wedding diamond rings. Shop now!

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Learn How Our Gemstones are Graded

Each gemstone used in crafting your ring is a masterpiece of its own, providing radiant color, shine, and clarity. When grading gemstones, each type of gem has its own unique considerations and qualities that determine its grade, from A to AAAAA. At Azeera, our rings are crafted with AAAA quality gemstones.



Gemstones rated AAAAA are the rarest available. Considered Heirloom quality, these gemstones are exceedingly precious and boast the truest color, perfect craftsmanship, and radiant sparkle.

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Gemstones rated AAAA are among the top 10% available. These gems have the rarest qualities among their peers, with unparalleled vibrancy and intense color. We create all of our rings using AAAA gemstones.



Gemstones rated AAA may be vivid to medium in color vibrancy, with some slight inclusions that may not be overtly visible.



Gemstones rated AA typically have medium to light color and shine. They may also have some inclusions in their clarity.



Gemstones rated A are light in color and typically are included. This grade of gemstone is the most common and are widely available.

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The true beauty of a unique gemstone ring shines brightest when every person involved in its sourcing and manufacture labors out of love and passion—and not out of coercion or force. Sourcing gemstones that are conflict-free from beginning to end is a cornerstone of everything we do here at AZEERA. Learn more about how AZEERA rings are made.

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The caster receives a request to produce your ring in the selected metal and size.

Selecting Gems
Selecting Gems

We hand select your stones and match them according to the layout of the design.

Setting & Finishing
Setting & Finishing

The bench jeweler sets the stones, removes any excess metal, and polish the ring.

Inspection & Examination

We examine the completed ring to ensure it is nothing short of excellence.


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Reviews of this ring


Winston D.

San Jose, CA

April 8th , 2022

Ring was rushed to me by special request. I am very grateful for the amazing service.


Jordon I.

Greenville, SC

January 20th , 2022

Thoughtful company that sends a hand written card and a meaningful gift with their orders


Bert D.

Washington, DC

October 16th , 2021

Wife loved her aqua ring.


Gaile V.

Mobile, AL

September 3rd , 2021

I didn't expect this amount of communication with an online order, but I was pleased to know that I was taken care of. My ring arrived without a problem and I love wearing it daily.


Leon F.

Charleston, WV

June 20th , 2021

Great ring, looks better in person.


Imogene K.

Atlanta, GA

February 19th , 2021

Superb workmanship. Ring look stunning if now better than what I expected.


Susan E.

New York City, NY

December 20th , 2020

Beautiful modern ring. Very colorful and bright gem!



Phoenix, AZ

April 12th , 2019

Before coming to this site, I thought I wanted a ruby and yellow gold ring. But after seeing the image on my screen, I wanted something a little different. I love how I was able to see all my options in front of me as I selected them, it made the process of customizing my own ring enjoyable and rewarding. I ended up with citrine and white gold for my pazu ring.



Irvine, CA

March 22nd , 2019

I'm not sure if there's much controversy around gemstone mining as there is diamond mining, but it's still nice knowing that all my gems are conflict free. My East-West Solitaire Pazu Ring is perfect in Back Onyx and White Gold.



Jacksonville, FL

March 14th , 2019

East-West is my new favorite style of rings! The Pazu Ring was the perfect gift for my hipster sister who likes non-traditional designs. It's trendy and stylish!


Rebekkah H.

Dallas, TX

February 15th , 2019

The Pazu ring is great, but I wasn't thrilled about the pink tourmaline centerstone. I asked to replace it and the company obliged. I got an amethyst instead and I was much happier with how the support team handled my request.


Meriel V.

Los Angeles, CA

January 24th , 2019

Who knew that peridot could be so much fun to wear. The brigh golden yellow color is lively. It's looks really nice in the pazu setting.


Bernadette S.

Greensboro, NC

January 17th , 2019

Wasn't sure of what ring to get for my sister. Asked customer service for help. They asked questions about my sister and suggested the perfect ring for her. The solitair pazu ring is perfect. It's different and unique, just like her.


Amie T.

Orlando, FL

January 14th , 2019

I found Azeera on instagram. They have an awesome site. The amount of services they offer is fantastic. And the story behind the gems is fun to read. I chose the Pazu ring because it's simple modern and fun!


Adora B.

Tulsa, OK

January 12th , 2019

My citrine is amazing. The gem is so big and colorful. I didn't realize what difference good clarity makes, but it's huge! I've seen similar gems around the stores in the town and nothing comparies to this one. And setting is great too!

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