Cathedral Hanu Aquamarine Ring with Diamond in 18k White Gold
Cathedral Hanu Aquamarine Ring with Diamond in 18k White Gold

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Cathedral Hanu Ring

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Cathedral Hanu Aquamarine Ring

with Diamond in 18k White Gold

SKU : AZ1758-6.0-AQ-DD-DD-WG18K
MODEL : AZ1758-6.0
Total Carat Weight : 0.94 CT
Band Width : 1.8 mm

This classical ring has a touch of modern to make it stylish and seductive. Your round brilliant gem sits in a 4 claw prong setting supported by a split shank with a smaller round brilliant pave around almost the entire perimeter of the band. This Aquamarine ring is casted in 18k White Gold, set with Natural Aquamarine and Diamond. Your Classic gemstone ring also comes with Free Shipping, Free Returns, and a Lifetime Warranty.

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Cathedral Hanu Aquamarine Ring with Diamond in 18k White Gold

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The tranquil light blues of aquamarine have been found in jewelry as early as 500 B.C. It requires no special care and is an excellent stone for everyday wear.

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18k White Gold

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The true beauty of a unique gemstone ring shines brightest when every person involved in its sourcing and manufacture labors out of love and passion—and not out of coercion or force. Sourcing gemstones that are conflict-free from beginning to end is a cornerstone of everything we do here at AZEERA. Learn more about how AZEERA rings are made.

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Selecting Gems

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Setting & Finishing

The bench jeweler sets the stones, removes any excess metal, and polish the ring.

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We examine the completed ring to ensure it is nothing short of excellence.


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Reviews of this ring


Wanda C.

Sioux Falls, SD

September 15th , 2019

The amethyst is such a nice purple, shines really bright! Packaging was amazing!


Sherlyn B.

Boston, MA

June 5th , 2019

This style of ring is gorgeous. I bought it as a gift for my daughter, but now I'm considering one for myself. It reminds me of the ring my mother lost and I hope this one gets passed down the family.


Arlette H.

Raleigh, NC

June 2nd , 2019

I like peridot and I thought it would look nice the in the hanu ring, but I was wrong. I asked customer service if there was anything they could do for me. I wanted to keep the setting because it was perfect for me. They offered to take it back and replace the stone which I was happy to hear. I ended getting a pink tourmaline instead and it looks even better.


Amanda R.

Saint Paul, MN

May 19th , 2019

I'm always hesitant about buying jewelry online. I know that most places use computer generated images, so I'm definitely not getting what I see, but azeera comes really close. Their gems are really sparkly which makes the ring really stand out. I'm happy with Hanu ring and I would buy another ring if I could.


Samara M.

Houston, TX

April 12th , 2019

Ok let me start by saying this is the best thing I own. I am so happy with this purcahse. The garnet is stunning. The style of the ring is exactly what I wanted and couldn’t find anywhere else. To say I only spend $800 on the ring is mind boggling. I took it to my friend who is a gemologist and she said the stones were all real and really nice quality. I am amazed by this ring and very excited to have found a new jeweler i can count on. They offer a lifetime warranty so I can send it back anytime to make it look new again. Thrilled by this purchase. I wish I can give more than 5 stars.


Janella C.

Hartford, CT

April 7th , 2019

I don't think I could find a another an ring with diamonds and amethyst for under $800. I was hestitant about the quality but I was really surprised with how everything came out. Quality gems and mounting are totally worth it.


Sharleen M.

Los Angeles, CA

March 14th , 2019

The Hanu Ring is incredible! I love the way it looks. It's so modern and elegant! It's especially fun in aquamarine and diamond.


Sheila A.

Philadelphia, PA

March 5th , 2018

Diamonds are so YESTERDAY! Yeah they’re white and sparkly, but there’s something about the fire of sapphire. You can’t find it in a diamond. Maybe a blue diamond but I need a few more zeros on my salary to afford that! My sapphire is so vibrant and dazzling. I would choose sapphire again over diamond any day! For my center stone that is. I still got diamonds on the sides. A girl can have her cake and eat it too!


Willie P.

Corpus Christi, TX

February 6th , 2018

Cool ring but it was barely within my budget. I wish I had the option to choose different size and quality stones.


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