Independence Day: Non-Engagement Rings For The Independent Woman

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On the fourth of July, 1776, the Continental Congress declared the thirteen colonies of America to be free and independent, and no longer subject to the rule of Britain. For all of the single ladies, the fourth of July is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate your own autonomy and self-determination with a sparkling right-hand non-engagement ring. Read on for inspiration and design ideas for a right-hand ring to express your independence.

The Right-Hand Ring: A New Trend to Love

In Ancient Egypt, the pharaohs believed that a vein called the vena amoris connected the left-hand ring finger directly to the heart, and based on this belief, they began giving their lovers a ring to be placed on this finger as a symbol of devotion.

Fast-forward to the 21st century and we’re still placing engagement and wedding rings on the left-hand ring finger. But the new trend that’s creating a buzz in the jewelry world is the right-hand non-engagement ring that many single ladies — including celebrities like Lucy Hale and Amber Rose — are buying for themselves in a show of self-love.

The Independence Movement is Growing

Once upon a time, a woman’s worth was largely tied to her marital status and childbearing activity. As Gus from My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002) exclaimed in frustration to his 30-year-old single daughter, “Get married! Make babies! You’re starting to look… old.” Even then, the statement seemed outdated enough to pass as parody.

These days, society couldn’t be more different. The number of single people in the United States is the largest that it’s ever been in history — in 2019, 31% of women over 18 years old were single, and the median age for a woman’s first marriage in 2012 was 27 compared to age 20 in 1960.

Single Status Brings Unique Opportunities

While singleness may or not be the situation you prefer, it certainly brings a set of opportunities that are unavailable to partnered folk. For starters, you have the freedom to pursue academic, business, and creative pursuits and develop an impressive set of skills, unencumbered by the tethers of a relationship. Then, there’s the opportunity for educational trips and adventures abroad. Finally, you have the chance to do something that many people never take the time to do: Become the most amazing possible partner to yourself.

Non-Engagement Ring Designs

If you’re ready to embrace your independence and commit to a life of self-realization, consider right-hand ring design ideas for creating the perfect self-love ring:

Birthstone Ring

Birthstone Image

Birthstone rings combine the best of two worlds in one: You’re choosing a non-engagement ring and celebrating your unique identity. Birthstones have a long history and you’ll sometimes have a choice of stones. Your birthday is something no one can ever take away from you. Relish in this beautiful option for choosing a gem and design that you love.

Milestone Ring

Modern Double Line V-Shape Pave Viparinama Citrine Ring

Many women choose to splurge on a right-hand ring after a significant achievement such as a graduation or first-time house purchase. These rings typically feature geometric motifs with one or several petite-sized gems. Every time you look at the ring, you’ll remember how powerful you are as a single person achieving your goals.

Cocktail Ring

The third and probably the most popular option is an everyday ring in your favorite style. These cocktail-type rings come in varieties from the most minimalist to the most ornate — take advantage of your independence and pick a style that speaks to you!


Slender and streamlined, for the elegant, classy lady.

Petite Modern Bezel Marquise Pallavagkura Amethyst Ring


Start with one stackable ring and gradually build up a tower of color.

Petite Bezel Nibandhana Blue Sapphire Band


Stand out in a crowd with an eye-catching right-hand ring.

Modern Wrap Bezel Viloma Amethyst Band

Art Deco

Express your creative and crafty side with our Art Deco-inspired gemstone rings.

Eternity Vilola Diamond Band


Echo the patterns of nature with a beautiful cluster gemstone ring.

Pave Razi Aquamarine Ring

Make Your Right-Hand Ring an Expression of You

Whichever kind of ring you choose, make it one you can look to for daily inspiration, enjoy its beauty as it glints in the sun, and feel a warm glow inside as well as you realize how amazing and beautiful you are inside and out. Soon, you won’t be able to imagine a time when you didn’t have your sparkling ring — your right-hand ring will quickly become an essential part of your jewelry collection and a reminder to value yourself every single day.

Custom Designs and Support at AZEERA

A family business based in New York, AZEERA draws on generations in the gemology trade to create one-of-a-kind gemstone pieces. All of the gemstones that we use are ethical and are never implicated in conflict or violence. When you place your right-hand-ring order online, we will make your piece completely from scratch and post it via free, fully-insured U.S. shipping.

Are you ready to create an independence ring and ignite your inner fire? Schedule a callback with the AZEERA founders and get started on your non-engagement ring today!

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