Spotlight on Gemstone Shapes: Our Top Marquise Gemstone Rings

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Marquise gemstone cuts are fancy cuts with an ellipse that is pointed on both ends. The result is somewhat like the shape of a boat, hence the nickname navette for the cut in French. In our collections of everyday rings and engagement rings, we have several designs for marquise gemstone rings that offer a refreshing twist on both classic and modern designs. Here are five of our favorite marquise cut rings for adding a little elegance to your jewelry collection.

Solitaire Milgrain Marquise Sphatika Amethyst Ring

AZEERA marquise amethyst solitaire ring in rose gold.

The majestic Solitaire Milgrain Marquise Sphatika Amethyst Ring emanates royalty with its North-South solitaire setting and crown-like braided shank with milgrain. The marquise-cut amethyst gemstone is held secure by six claw prongs and raised slightly off the shank for an even more luxurious feel.

If you are preparing to get engaged, marquise gemstone rings like this Sphatika design would be an ideal option for couples on a smaller budget. The marquise-cut centerpiece looks larger than a round of the same carat and the milgrain details provide an intricate touch without the added cost of diamonds.

Halo Pave Milgrain Marquise Busaplavi Aquamarine Ring

A AZEERA halo marquise-cut aquamarine ring in white gold

For a more extravagant engagement ring, we love the Halo Pave Milgrain Marquise Busaplavi Aquamarine Ring. This diamond-studded design from our collection of marquise gemstone rings has a large, marquise-cut aquamarine gemstone surrounded by a halo of diamond pave. The split-shank cathedral setting features a sparkling cascade of tiny round diamonds and milgrain detail—a ring truly fit for any modern-day princess.

Due to its larger size and higher price tag, we recommend halo marquise cut rings for a ring that is intended to become a family heirloom. Make this piece even more special and part of your family’s story by having your name(s) engraved in the band—a service we provide for free at AZEERA.

Eternit Zalla Garnet Band

An AZEERA eternity band with alternating marquise-cut garnets and small diamond rounds

For celebrating lasting love in a marriage—or treating yourself with an everyday ring—this Eternit Zalla Garnet Band offers a fresh twist on the classic eternity ring design. In this modern ring, we’ve placed alternating marquise-cut garnets and round-cut diamonds to create an Art-Deco geometric effect while preserving the appeal of a full band of gems.

The advantage of marquise gemstone rings compared to classic round-gem eternity designs is that the longer horizontal length of the gem results in a lower number of gems overall. That doesn’t mean that the ring lacks luster, though. With intricate milgrain accents and matching bead-like prongs, this ring is just as appropriate for a special occasion as it is for a touch of daily sparkle.

Petite Modern Bypass Marquise Netra Peridot Band

An AZEERA peridot bypass ring in rose gold.

For a minimalist, modern everyday ring, we can’t get past this Petite Modern Bypass Marquise Netra Peridot Band. Sleek and slender, this contemporary design plays with the solitaire idea—suspending the marquise gemstone between the two ends of the asymmetrical bypass shank.

Thanks to the optical properties of marquise gemstone rings, this design creates a long, slender appearance to the finger on which it sits, making this the perfect choice for anyone with especially short hands. Consider customizing this piece with your birthstone or favorite gem and a contrasting metal to make the centerpiece gem “pop.”

Simple Triple Line Open Avaisamya Blue Sapphire Band

An AZEERA triple-line blue sapphire ring

If you’re looking for something truly spectacular, this Simple Triple Line Open Avaisamya Blue Sapphire Band will take your breath away. Designed as a triple-band ring with an open style for the middle line, we love the interplay this ring offers between metal and space, color and background, and the geometric properties of the four featured gems.

In contrast to solitaire-style marquise gemstone rings that would usually be chosen for an engagement or wedding, this decorative contemporary ring is best suited as a gift for a graduation, first job, or milestone birthday. You can select different gems for the marquise, princess, and round-cut feature stones or customize the four gems according to the recipient’s birthstone or another gem that is meaningful for them.

Tips for Designing Marquise Gemstone Rings

When designing marquise gemstone rings, there are certain things to keep in mind that relate to the visual as well as the practical properties of the stone.

Geometric Properties

Marquise cut rings come with the option of a north-south or an east-west setting. East-west settings are ideal for creating length around the band and reducing the number of gemstones you’ll need—especially for an eternity design. North-south settings are best for creating the illusion of length and for creating an impression when used in engagement and statement rings.


The pointed ends on a marquise-cut gem can be vulnerable to chips and to catching on your clothes. To protect your investment and enjoy your ring into the future, it’s important to choose a setting that covers the points with prongs to protect the gem as well as your clothes. You’ll notice that some of our designs use a “V-shaped” prong to surround the points and protect your precious or semi-precious gem. This is the strongest and most recommended setting for this cut.

Choice of Gemstones

The original marquise gemstone rings featured diamonds, as marquise was considered a diamond cut. However, with time, the cut became used with colored gems alongside other fancy cuts like princess, pear, cushion, and heart. Today, a marquise-cut ring can come with any of the colored gems that we offer, including:

  • Amethyst
  • Aquamarine
  • Black onyx
  • Blue sapphire
  • Citrine
  • Diamond
  • Garnet
  • Peridot
  • Pink tourmaline
  • Ruby
  • Swiss blue topaz

Your choice of metal (platinum, palladium, or 14k or 18k white, yellow, or rose gold) can either complement or contrast with the gems while offering various levels of strength. Because marquise cut rings are so rare, we recommend going for contrast where possible. This brings out the cut of the stone and makes the central feature glow.

One-on-One Design Advice

If you’d like to discuss these or any other aspects of marquise gemstone rings, contact the gemologists at AZEERA. We’ve been in the industry for generations and are more than happy to help you design your ring! Marquise cut rings offer something different and special sure to bring many years of delight. Schedule a callback from the founders of AZEERA and get started on the ring of your dreams today.

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