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With its clear blue coloring and high hardness rating, the Swiss blue topaz gemstone is a popular choice for decorative and symbolic jewelry alike. Join us as we explore the meanings attributed to this magnificent stone in several traditions across the world.

Topaz in Astrology

The birthstone for November in the modern calendar, the topaz gemstone has been linked to the Scorpio (scorpion) constellation. This group of stars is aligned with the path of the sun approximately between 23 October and 22 November on the Tropical calendar or 17 November to 15 December on the Indian Sidereal calendar. In Sanskrit, Scorpio is known as Vrscika.

People born under the Scorpio constellation are said to be passionate and assertive. Swiss blue topaz could help to bring balance as it is thought to offer a much-needed sense of soothing and calm to this outgoing personality.

Topaz and the Planets

In Vedic astrology, the topaz gemstone is linked to the planet Jupiter as the secondary gemstone after citrine. As the planet of wealth and prosperity, Jupiter gemstones are thought to bring financial abundance and career success to the wearer.

Topaz in Ancient Mythology

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Typically found in a golden yellow color, the topaz gemstone was revered by the ancient Romans and Egyptians as representing the sun god, Ra. The stone was associated with the power of the sun to provide a source of energy for cultivation and was believed to help with crop fertility and to boost the chances of couples trying to conceive a child. The ancient Greeks wore topaz for strength and held the belief that this dominant and mighty stone could provide invisibility to the wearer when needed.

As our Swiss blue topaz has been created through a combination of heat and irradiation, we like to think that its inherent qualities mirror those attributed to natural blue topaz, as well as those associated with topaz in general.

Topaz Gemstone and the Fifth Chakra

Indian systems of metaphysical thought encompass gemstones’ effects on the chakras or centers of transformation in the body, as well as the study of topaz in astrology. Blue topaz, in particular, is claimed to have a profound effect on the fifth chakra, which is located in the throat.

As the chakra that governs communication and self-expression, a boost to this vital center would be considered helpful for those who work in any form of expression—such as writers, public speakers, actors, and artists—making their communication more meaningful and effective for their audiences.

As an added bonus, traditional Indian philosophy also associates this stunning gemstone with financial growth, stronger vision, protection against poverty and hardships, and a reduced sense of melancholy in the wearer’s life.

The Topaz Gemstone’s Mineral Composition and Crystal Structure

Composed of aluminum, silicon, and oxygen, topaz has a hardness rating of 8 on the Mohs scale and an orthorhombic crystal structure. Likened to a rectangle, orthorhombic gems are said to correspond to people who experience periods of routine and sameness (thinking that this situation will continue forever) followed by abrupt and total changes referred to as “interruptions.” Wearing an orthorhombic gemstone may be helpful for increasing discernment during these interruptions so that the final outcome ends up being for the better.

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