Colored Stones: Setting A New Standard Part 3


Cut is defined by a stones ability to play with light and return it back to your eye. The different cuts of gemstones all require proper proportions, spot on symmetry and professional polishing. With these ideals set in place, each stone is graded on its brilliance, fire, and scintillation.

Brilliance is a gemstones ability to reflect light internally and release it back to the eye.

Fire is a gemstones ability to turn pure light into a spectral colors from internal reflections.

Scintillation is a gemstones ability to flash light and color as a result of precision cutting.

In colored stones, both fire and scintillation are masked by the gemstones natural color qualities, making them hard to grade. Therefore, colored stones are solely graded on their ability to reflect light internally and release it back to the eye (Brilliance). Within brilliance colored stones commonly display two traits that professionals are able to grade them on, Extinction and windowing.

Extinction is the darkened areas around the stone where no light returns to the eye. Windowing is the light areas around the stone where light escapes without reflecting internally.

In colored stones, as well as diamonds these elements of light refraction or lack thereof are all dependent on the quality of cut made by the gem handler. Without proper proportion and symmetry, without clean and clear cuts, without a knowledgeable and experienced handler, the gemstone will not shine at its optimal level. AZEERA knows gemstones, we know how they work, how they form and most importantly how to cut them so each and every stone has its shining moment.

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