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Are you tying the knot with that special someone? Have you been planning every detail of your dream wedding, only to wonder who buys the man’s wedding ring? You may have tons of questions and the prospect of buying your future husband’s wedding ring could feel daunting.

There are many things to consider, such as men’s wedding band materials, his ring size, and how much men’s wedding bands cost. This is an important piece of jewelry that represents your everlasting love. He’ll be wearing this ring for the rest of his life, so you want to ensure that he loves it.

Ultimately, the answer to these questions is that it depends on your preference. Even the question of who buys the man’s wedding ring can be answered with “it’s up to you!” Many partners see the purchasing of a wedding band as a gift between them and their future spouse. Put thought into your gift and you’ll be rewarded with a lifetime of happiness.

Read through to see our top picks for men’s wedding bands and men’s wedding band materials.

Best Ring on a Budget

white gold men’s wedding band

While the question of who buys the man’s wedding ring is personal to the couple getting married, there may be monetary concerns that mean you need to search for a ring that fits within your budget. There’s no need to worry, as we have rings that fit into every budget, large or small.

The Tanu All Metal Band comes in a beautiful 14k white gold and is under $600. This band is perfect for men who love the minimalist look. This ring is subtle yet elegant – it doesn’t draw too much attention. Consider this band if you’d like to stay within certain monetary parameters when you buy the man’s wedding ring.

Best Simple Gold Band

yellow gold men’s wedding band

Some of us prefer simplicity. If that sounds like your future husband, then we recommend something in yellow gold. There are many men’s wedding band materials, but you can’t argue that yellow gold is a tried-and-true classic.

There’s something about yellow gold that makes it so simple yet beautiful. We offer two types of yellow gold – 14k and 18k. We love the Baliza All Metal Band in 18k yellow gold. This band is traditional and rounded with a high polish finish. This timeless piece is customizable, but we love it the way it is.

When you buy your man’s wedding ring, consider his personality and whether or not he prefers understated wedding band materials and shapes.

Best Ring Under $750

white gold man’s wedding ring

Before you embarked on this journey to find a wedding band for your fiancé, you may have wondered how much men’s wedding bands cost. There are tons of options at tons of different price points. For an option under $750, we like the Uttana All Metal Band in 14k white gold.

This band is simple but has a gorgeous polish to it. It also has a concave face that makes this band stand out. We like the 14k white gold for this ring, but your future husband may like a different material. Before you buy a man’s wedding ring, be sure to think about a budget and the wedding band materials he will prefer.

Best Diamond Band

Yellow gold men’s diamond ring

Is your fiancé a fan of diamonds? While diamonds have long been touted as a girl’s best friend, men enjoy these stones just as much. For the man who enjoys a bit of luxury, we think a wedding band with diamonds will be perfect.

We especially like the Satka Diamond Gemstone Band in 14k yellow gold. This ring is unique and holds 4 sets of 6 channel-set round brilliant diamonds.

No matter who buys the man’s wedding ring, if you are the one purchasing and making this a unique gift for your future husband, it’s important to buy him something special that he will love.

Best Ring for Splurging

diamond man’s wedding ring

We believe that wedding band shopping is a time to go all out and splurge. This is a ring that will stay with him forever and should accurately reflect the love you share with one another.

If you have the budget, we believe the Vidha Diamond Gemstone Band is a wonderful option. We’ve chosen this ring in 14k white gold, but there are other wedding band materials you could choose. This is a ring with 5 round brilliant diamonds or other gemstones of your choice. This is perfect for men who appreciate the beauty of hand-selected gems.

Best Ring Overall

diamond men’s wedding band

As you deal with questions of the best ring shape, size, material, and think about who will buy the man’s wedding ring, we want to show you our favorite pick for your future husband’s wedding band.

We adore the Gavita Diamond Gemstone Band in 14k white gold. As always, we encourage you to customize your ring any way you like, but this band is special. It holds 5 princess cut gems in a channel setting that will make your fiancé feel loved and appreciated. This is a band fit for a king and we love how the ring’s shape emphasizes the diamonds in its setting.

Hand-Selected Gems

Regardless of who buys the man’s wedding ring, we think your future husband will be happy that you put thought and time into finding the best wedding band for him. We know this time can be a whirlwind of planning and thinking about how much men’s wedding bands cost, but we hope this guide has helped simplify things and provided inspiration.

AZEERA specializes in custom and hand-selected gemstones for fine jewelry you’ll cherish forever. We’re passionate about jewelry and the art of gemology, so we guarantee you’ll feel confident purchasing one of our creations. Consult one of our founders and connect with us on social media today!

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