What Hypoallergenic Metal Rings are Best for Brides With Sensitive Skin?

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Getting engaged is a time for celebration. Finding the gorgeous ring that marks this exciting milestone in your life should feel like the perfect fit. It should make you smile just looking at it and not turn your skin red or cause you irritation. You should be able to show off your ring without being worried about getting a rash. Unfortunately, it is a valid concern – 15% of people who wear jewelry do suffer from metal allergies. Getting a blister or finger discoloration from your engagement ring is a bride’s worst nightmare. But you can save your wallet, your emotions, and your bride’s skin by doing your research. Luckily, AZEERA has exactly what you need: hypoallergenic metal wedding rings.

What is “Wedding Ring Rash”?

An issue so common, it even has its own nickname. “Wedding ring rash” is actually contact dermatitis, which can occur for a variety of reasons. It could be because of bacteria buildup, soap, or traces of lotion where the ring and skin meet. Or it could be due to an allergy to metal, which is more common than you’d think. Unfortunately, women who suffer from eczema, atopic dermatitis, or sensitive skin are just more prone to allergic reactions, but it can happen to almost anyone. While even pure gold could have an effect on sensitive skin, there is usually a main culprit for wedding ring rash that you can rectify before it gets out of hand.

It might be worth it to consider a wedding band made with hypoallergenic metal just to save you any future ring-related grief. But what are the best metals for sensitive skin, and will that narrow your selection of rings? It's frustrating to experience, but while there are plenty of precautions to take and metals to avoid, you might be surprised how many choices you have.

What It Looks Like

Most commonly, brides who get a reaction from wearing their wedding ring are allergic to traces of nickel. The reaction can show itself through many different ways like a rash, itchy skin, blisters, or swelling where the ring sits. Irritated or discolored skin can ruin pictures and your ability to live daily with your engagement ring on. While you could wait for confirmation from a dermatologist that it’s an allergy to metal alloys, there are plenty of other stunning wedding rings made from hypoallergenic metal that are safe. Sensitive brides can enjoy the pure bliss of wearing their engagement ring without concern.

Nickel-free metals are the best metals for sensitive skin. If your mind jumps to pure gold, you may be unintentionally putting sensitive skin at risk for another allergic reaction. While a pure 24 karat gold ring is a magnificent wearable treasure, it’s also incredibly susceptible to wear and tear. The soft, malleable metal makes it extremely fragile. In order to reinforce the metal, jewelers will often mix some nickel with the gold to form a more durable metal alloy. Even copper, known as a hypoallergenic metal, can contain traces of nickel. It may not be disclosed to you upon purchase, but it will affect a sensitive bride’s ability to admire her ring. Going for genuine hypoallergenic wedding rings is just the safer option. It’s important to note that sometimes it can take a person multiple wears before a nickel allergy is detected. Even if you haven’t had the allergy before, it can become a lifelong thing after the first sight of side effects.

What You Can Do

Choosing a wedding ring made with hypoallergenic metal is the answer to your concerns. They are safe on skin without sacrificing style. We recommend customizing our engagement rings in one of the best metals for sensitive skin: platinum. Not only is platinum itself hypoallergenic, but it’s rarer and more valuable than gold. And with our vast selection, you won’t sacrifice style for comfort. Pair it with a wedding band in the same metal to make a show-stopping set. We offer the same high-quality craftsmanship in all our wedding bands, no matter what metal you choose. Every bride should feel special in a good way when shopping for hypoallergenic wedding rings, having the same choices as brides who don’t suffer from metal allergies. Feel safe knowing your platinum ring is functional, stunning, and nickel-free.

If you’re thinking about going for a tinted gold or a yellow gold, you may need to do a little more research before landing on a ring. Colored golds tend to be mixed with other metals to create a shade. With rose gold, for instance, there’s a higher chance of copper being involved. While copper is often listed as a hypoallergenic metal, it can be reinforced with nickel. Even white gold is known to contain traces of nickel, making it yet another risky choice for a bride with sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic wedding rings aren’t hard to find, you just have to make sure there is no percentage of nickel in the metal. Asking questions is part of the engagement ring shopping experience, so don’t be afraid to speak up about what you need from a jeweler.

Platinum is a dense metal that is durable enough for everyday wear. It’s highly unlikely that a bride will have a reaction to platinum since, again, it is one of the best metals for sensitive skin. You can’t go wrong with that! Platinum is a common, safe option for brides with skin sensitivities. The finer quality of the hypoallergenic metal is definitely worth the higher price. After all, it’s only a lifetime of love you’re celebrating.

Hypoallergenic Wedding Rings That Radiate Love

AZEERA offers a wide array of unique engagement rings made of platinum. Here are some of our favorite nickel-free rings that will absolutely take your betrothed’s breath away.

Diamond Band in Platinum - Half Eternity Atani Band


Simple, stunning, and lined with dazzling diamonds. This gorgeous Half Eternity Atani wedding band in one of the best metals for sensitive skin is perfect for a bride who wants a modern twist on a classic design. The antique style of the band coupled with the eye-catching encrusted gems of your choice makes this hypoallergenic wedding ring one to rave about. There’s no better feeling than finding something this beautiful and knowing that the hypoallergenic metal won’t irritate your skin. In fact, it’ll feel perfect.

Garnet Band in Platinum - Eternit Zalla Diamond Band


Magnificent, unique, and beautifully accented. Our vintage-inspired rings, like this Eternit band, are the ultimate representation of timeless love. The creative design makes it one-of-a-kind and you can personalize it even more with the bride’s birthstone. Everything is in the details with this sweet hypoallergenic metal ring that won’t blow your budget. And the fact that it’s made with platinum, the best metal for sensitive skin, is just the icing on the wedding cake. The quality, price, and style make this remarkable ring the perfect purchase.

Pink Tourmaline Band in Platinum - Modern Bar Vaitana Diamond Band hypoallergenic-metal-pink-tourmaline

Impressive, classic, with a special radiance that could only mean one thing: true love. This Modern Bar diamond band in platinum is crafted with such great attention to detail, there is so much to admire. The alternating diamonds are dazzling, the band is made with hypoallergenic metal, and the way the gems sit comfortably on the band is another testament to the ring’s high quality. You can also customize it to hold a bride’s favorite gems or her birthstone, making it the perfect opportunity to personalize the wedding ring even more.

Diamond Band in Platinum - Modern Milana Band hypoallergenic-all-diamonds

Modern, exquisite, and absolutely captivating. This Modern Milana band almost looks like a double helix, giving the design some unique linear beauty. The way that the diamonds cascade over either side of the hypoallergenic metal makes this dazzling ring absolutely breathtaking when it hits the light. This is the kind of ring bride’s dream of. Who would guess that this show-stopping masterpiece is actually a hypoallergenic wedding ring? Make it even more special by customizing it with gemstones that are near and dear to the bride, or enjoy the purely monochromatic diamond style that feels like an ode to Hollywood glitz and glamor.

With this vast selection of gemstones and styles, a wedding ring rash can be completely avoided. These options, and many of our other wedding ring bands, are also offered in Palladium. This is yet another choice among the best metals for sensitive skin, as it is typically non-allergenic. You can still find the perfect ring for your bride without sacrificing anything. Skin sensitivities don’t have to limit style.

Already Have the Ring?

Don’t fret! If you already have a wedding ring in your possession that you think may be blended with nickel, there are still options. Your best bet is to get the ring plated in a hypoallergenic metal like platinum or pure gold. This will prevent the nickel in the band from ever having contact with skin. Another cheaper solution is to paint a clear coat of nail polish as a barrier. Unfortunately, this method requires a paint job every so often. Instead, taking proactive measures by shopping for hypoallergenic wedding rings from the beginning will save a lot of time, energy, and money in the long run.

Take a Deep Breath

Everything will work out. Whether it’s investing in plating for a ring that has been passed down through generations or one that has already been purchased or shopping for hypoallergenic wedding rings specifically, you are already showing the beautiful bride that she will be taken care of for life. AZEERA has many beautiful, customizable ring designs made with hypoallergenic metal that will stoke the flames of love in your bride.

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