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For over 4000 years, a ring ceremony or wedding ceremony has been a popular way to formalize the exchange of rings between a bride and groom. In some cultures — particularly in India — ring ceremonies are also part of the engagement celebration and ring vows are exchanged as they are in the marriage. To help make your ceremony special, we put together some ring ceremony ideas that we personally love and think you will too. Snuggle up with a notepad and pen and get ready to craft the perfect exchange!

The Rings

Wedding Rings

Eternity Devacakra Aquamarine Band Polished Aratta Men's Diamond Band

Historically, only the woman would receive a wedding ring. This ring would be a plain metal band made from iron, gold, or silver. However, since the World Wars, it has become standard for both the husband and wife to wear a wedding ring — leading to an abundance of creative ring ceremony ideas emerging in the wedding industry.

Over time, wedding rings have also become much more varied in their design. Whereas a traditional wedding ring would be composed of a plain metal band - modern wedding rings range from plain and engraved metal-only designs to jewel-encrusted masterpieces. This gives you a wonderful range of options for personalizing your rings.

Engagement Rings

Three Stone Oval Matr Citrine Ring

In the western world, engagement rings — known for their flashy gemstone and diamond centerpieces — are exclusively the domain of women. However, in South Asia, it’s common for men to wear engagement rings, as well. Generally, this is a plain band that may have a quote inside from his favorite song, a poem, or something else that is especially meaningful and could inspire some creative ring ceremony ideas.

At the couple’s public engagement party, a ring ceremony can take place in which the couple exchanges rings and makes ring vows, declaring their commitment to each other and the upcoming marriage. These rings can later be worn together with the couple’s wedding rings or placed on the other hand.

Ring Cushion Alternatives

As they are such delicate and expensive items, it’s essential to present the rings in a way that’s secure and prevents damage or loss. Traditionally, the rings are tied onto a cushion and presented by a young ring bearer. Whether you’re planning a wedding or engagement ring ceremony, consider these fun and unique ring ceremony ideas:

  • Have the ring bearer carry the rings in a briefcase, dressed up as a “ring security” guard.
  • Present the rings attached to a rustic wooden plate or heart.
  • Display the rings on a bed of moss or in a colorful, flower-filled silver tray.
  • Thread the rings onto a wreath of leaves.
  • Thread the rings onto a starfish pillow (perfect for beach weddings).
  • Prepare matching decorative “his” and “hers” ring boxes.
  • Have your furry friend bring the rings in a basket or tie them safely to their collar.

The ring ceremony ideas you choose are best tied in with a theme. For example, a natural ring cushion or wreath would be ideal for a garden wedding. Consider ring cushions made out of shells if you’re getting engaged or married on the beach. For other themes (music, motorcycles, or even a costume wedding), you should easily be able to dream up an option to match your aesthetic — rings tied to vinyl records would definitely add a unique touch!

Ring Vows

Now we’ve reached the most important section: the vows. The vows represent the heart of the ceremony and provide the best opportunity for expressing your unique relationship. If you have the opportunity to write your own vows or make some additions to the standard formula, consider these ring ceremony ideas for making your ring vows your own:

Engagement Vows

  1. (Name), it fills me with great joy to express our commitment before our family and friends to join our lives together in marriage. I promise to be faithful to you, to the exclusion of all others, and stand by your side as we prepare for our wedding day.
  2. (Name), I promise to be completely yours, loving you above all others, bearing your joys and sorrows, and sharing my joys and sorrows with you as we walk hand in hand.
  3. With this ring, I (Name) commit myself to you as my (bride/groom)-to-be, to prepare with all my heart and strength for our shared life as a family.

Wedding Vows

  1. I (Name), take you (Name) before these witnesses to be my lawfully wedded (husband/wife). I vow to stand by your side in good times and bad and commit to a journey of growing together through the seasons and changes of life. May we build a home that is full of warmth, respect, hospitality, and honor as we renew our love day by day.
  2. (Name), you are my best friend and companion and today I take you to be my (husband/wife). I vow to love and cherish you with all of your strengths and weaknesses, as I offer my own strengths and weaknesses to you. I look forward to building our relationship day after day in mutual love, honor, and respect.

When you’re coming up with ring ceremony ideas, remember that your vows can be whatever is meaningful to you individually and as a couple. If there is something you would really like to say, be sure to include it in this incredibly special moment.

Fun Traditions

A bride and groom releasing balloons to their guests across a swimming pool

The ring ceremony is a sacred, solemn moment that you will share with your partner in front of the people you love. Once the exchange of ring vows is complete, it’s time to get the party started! Whether your ring ceremony ideas are for an engagement or wedding, consider incorporating games, dancing, performances, and a video montage of your story as a couple.

Other ring ceremony ideas you might consider include food, decorations, and the all-important cutting of the cake. You can easily organize these features around a central theme that suits the time of year, expresses your shared vision and interests, and takes into account the needs of your guests.

Let AZEERA Make Your Ceremony Shine

As a provider of artisan gemstone rings, it’s our privilege to share in some of the most important and special moments of life. From the promise of commitment to engagement and marriage, we have been part of couples’ journeys with pieces that will forever serve as a symbol of their love.

If you’re looking for ring ceremony ideas for an engagement or wedding, we invite you to browse our collections of gemstone rings. Each ring can be customized with the gemstone(s), metal, and shape of your choice and we include engraving with each ring for free!

For the ultimate ring personalization, we also offer custom ring design in consultation with our expert gemologists. Schedule a callback to discuss your ideas and ensure a ring ceremony you’ll remember forever.

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