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Your wedding is an important event in your life that you will remember forever. It's the day that merges the love of two into one, and there's no better way to continue showing the union of your love than showing it off with your wedding rings. It is traditional to bring the couple together by matching his and hers wedding bands that they share with one another. Here are seven ways on how to pair your wedding ring and show off the love of your union.

7 Ways to Match Your Wedding Bands

1. Pair with Your Engagement Ring

One way to bring your matching wedding band set together is to start with a matching engagement ring. Your engagement ring is the first ring the world sees when you profess your life-long love to one another. Once you pick out the perfect engagement ring, pair it with the wedding bands to bring the whole set together as one.

Bring home our matching wedding bands for him and her with our Polished Bezel Purna band for men, our Bezel Purna ring for her, and our Solitaire Cathedral Kujcara for her engagement ring. This set is a simple yet elegant look of diamonds and love between you both.

2. Color

As you create your matching wedding bands, bring together the colors of your rings. Bands, diamonds, and gemstones can all color coordinate to bring unification between each of the bands.

You can customize any Azeera ring by matching his and hers wedding band colors and stones. You may want to go with different band pavés but keep the metal and stones the same colors. Match his and her wedding band colors with our Milgrain Channel Set Tulita men's band and our Half Eternity Rathya band for her. The metal color of Palladium with diamond and black onyx stones will bring a unique look to your matching wedding band set.

3. Pavé Design

If you want different colored bands and stones but still want to match, pick the same pavé design for your bands. Pavé designs can be as minimalistic or as artistic as you desire. You can go for a simple metal band with no design or pavé, or you could opt in for a metal design that encompasses multiple small diamonds or gems. Whatever you decide, let the band encompass the spirit from you both.

Our Polished Pavé Biskati men's band would go well with our Half Eternity Vamza pavé band for her which brings together two rows of diamonds with a slice of 14K white gold between them. Match the stones or use individual color gems.

4. Princess-Cut Style

As we know, many people still tend to want their own ring style. With so many options for bands and colors, it is easy to desire something different for one another. However, you can complete his and hers matching wedding bands by creating the same cut of diamond in both rings. There are so many different cuts for diamonds. You are sure to find one that will speak to both of you and the love you share.

For example, our Polished Tatini men's band and our Eternity Kuttima band for her are unique bands, yet they share the princess-cut diamond style. As you bring two lives together, some things are worth compromising while still keeping individual identity alive and well, as this matching wedding band set demonstrates.

his and hers matching wedding bands of gold on white cotton bouquet with tiny blue flowers

5. Gemstones

Adding gemstones to rings is raising the bar on ring trends. People want more color to display affection and gain eye-catching attention. Pair your rings with gems that match in color and shape. Pick a color that speaks to you both and your life-long love.

Our sapphire and diamond matching wedding bands for him and her are stunning and brilliant rays of stones blended into beautiful metal bands. The stones paired with platinum or white gold give a very modern look. You can bring this look together with your spouse in our Khalita men's band and our Half Eternity Jalin band for her.

6. Single Diamond

Single diamond wedding bands for men easily pair with a single row of diamonds in womens wedding bands. When you go to match your wedding band set together, keeping it simple is sometimes best. His and hers matching wedding bands that display simple diamonds can be just as sleek, modern, and appealing as rings with layers of diamonds.

Our single diamond 18k gold Polished Kujji band for men pairs very well with our 18K gold Half Eternity Muraja band for her. The dazzling pair of diamonds and gold will allow your pick of diamond cut to stand out and become a memorable statement for years to come.

7. Engravings

Nothing says love more than diamonds with a hidden message. On the inside of your rings, write a little something special for the other person. Keep it between you both, or share it with everyone when you show off your rings.

We custom engrave matching wedding band sets with messages you request to share with your spouse. Share your message of love on his and her matching wedding bands like the Polished Milgrain Dvara band for men and our Half Eternity Kulaya band for women. Azeera knows these unique tokens of love can bring the finishing touch to the ring set, and we are eager to add them to many of our rings.

hers matching wedding bands in white gold with diamonds on white background
his matching wedding bands in white gold with diamonds on white background

Azeera’s Matching Capabilities

From settings to metal to color gems to diamonds, here at Azeera we want you to get the best experience when choosing your wedding bands. That is why we encourage you to schedule a free consultation with one of our founders if you have any questions about custom designing your matching wedding rings. Wedding rings last a lifetime. It is a decision that will stay with you every day of life together. Shop Azeera to find your perfect his and hers matching wedding bands today!

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