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Many people attribute a lot of importance to the progression of their relationship with their spouse and seek to commemorate each passing year with a special gift. At AZEERA, we love helping you show how much you care with gemstone gifts and milestone jewelry for each anniversary. If you’re looking for a specific present for any stage of your relationship, our team is here to help you customize any one of the rings or cufflinks in our collection to ensure it’s personal and appropriate for whatever year you’re celebrating! Wondering how to choose the perfect gift? Read on today for some tips from our experts.

Early in the Relationship

You’ve just started dating someone and you want to commemorate a six month or one year anniversary with something really special. You can spend some time shopping for heart shaped necklaces or earrings, but AZEERA recommends you choose something a little different. With a promise ring, you’re showing your commitment to the relationship without going overboard. Many of our promise ring designs have a single gemstone or no gemstone at all to keep it truly simple and appropriate as milestone jewelry for this occasion.

Proposal Time

couple holding milestone engagement ring

You’re proposing to that special someone and you’re on the hunt for the perfect ring. This is really one of the biggest milestone rings you could possibly have. It’s the one that your significant other is going to build around for the rest of their life!

If you’re not sure where to start, a classic solitaire diamond in yellow or white gold is the traditional choice. Think your significant other is interested in something more daring or unique? We also offer statement pieces with accent gemstones like halo rings and three-stone rings. You can even change the center stone from a diamond to something that’s bright and colorful — like sapphire or ruby!

Your Wedding Day

On your wedding day, you barely have any time for yourselves, but during that first look moment, you may want to exchange a small gift before the big day starts. We love a set of cufflinks that speak to the style and panache of your significant other. They can even exchange the ones they’re already wearing for this new set that you’ve just given them. At AZEERA, we have all-metal and gemstone cufflinks to ensure you’re choosing a style that your significant other will really treasure.

You’re also exchanging another set of important milestone jewelry on this special day — your wedding bands. Choosing your wedding bands together is a wonderful bonding experience that allows you to learn more about your partner. Opt for matching milestone rings or shop for a unique piece that complements the engagement ring. From antique bands and all-metal men’s rings to modern statement pieces, AZEERA has something for everyone’s personal style.

After the Marriage

wedding bands resting on an open book

As you start celebrating the upcoming anniversaries after your marriage, you might be thinking that the traditional elements like paper, wood, and china just aren’t for you. At AZEERA, we’ve curated a list of anniversary gemstones that you can use as your yearly guide instead. There’s no reason to jump straight to diamonds and rubies for this milestone jewelry! Start off small with silver and gold for year one and slowly elevate the selection for each year through garnet, pearl, topaz, and amethyst.

More than 10 Years

Being married or with your partner for 10 years is a pretty significant achievement and it’s time to start celebrating with some of the more impressive milestone jewelry in our collection. While you can choose to bring diamonds back into the picture, the team at AZEERA prefers something a little more unique. Some alternative gemstone options for your decade together could include emerald, onyx, coral, or jade.

Onyx is one of the most unique commemorative gemstones due to its deep black hue. It has long been hailed as a stone of protection and positivity — symbolization that many people want to bring into their relationship.

More than 20 Years

stackable milestone anniversary rings

Your relationship has now spanned multiple decades and you have so much to appreciate about each other! While you may not need gifts to show your love any more, milestone jewelry is still a lovely way to show that you care. Platinum is the traditional metal for this anniversary and some of the gemstones you have to look forward to in the coming years include topaz, tanzanite, ruby, and sapphire.

At AZEERA, we love milestone rings that accent the original engagement ring from your wedding day, so we recommend looking at stackable or minimalist everyday options that look perfect with the statement piece from the past.

Start Shopping Now

No matter what stage your relationship is currently in, there’s an ideal gift to share your love at AZEERA. Shop our gift collections to find milestone jewelry that ranges from elaborate and ornate to subtle and simple!

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