5 Colorful Proposal Ideas For Your Colored Gemstone Engagement Ring

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While you want an engagement ring to be incredibly special and to truly represent your partner, you also want the proposal experience to be something that they’ll never forget. If your partner is a quirky fun-lover that will most likely love a colored engagement ring, you’re probably looking for some unique proposal ideas to match their personality. AZEERA has some great ideas for colorful proposals that you’ll want to share over and over again. Explore these proposal ideas below and discover the perfect ring for your significant other in our store!

1. Street Artist Proposal

Is your future fiancé a free spirit that loves exploring new places and capturing the memory with a corny tourist moment? Surprise them with a street artist proposal that combines all the things they love. Arrange this unique proposal idea with a street caricaturist and have them sketch a picture of you proposing. As they look at the photo and laugh at the joke, drop down to one knee and make the caricature a reality.

The person that would appreciate this kind of proposal deserves a unique colored engagement ring that matches their personality. They may prefer an antique design, unusual cluster ring, or dramatic shape that embodies exactly who they are!

2. Hike to a Special Spot

ruby and diamond colored engagement ring

For those with an outdoorsy significant other, you probably already have several special outdoor spots that have a lot of meaning. Start out your adventure like any other day, but once you reach the peak of that mountain, hidden pond, or picturesque lake, it’s time to bring out the ring and pop the question. Make sure your ring is protected throughout the hike, so you don’t lose or damage it.

As an adventurous person, your partner probably spends a lot of time being active, so they need a stone that’s strong and timeless. We recommend a durable diamond or a colored engagement ring with ruby, sapphire, or scratch-resistant topaz.

3. Custom Puzzles

Do you love doing puzzles and playing word games together? A custom puzzle or special Scrabble game is the perfect proposal vehicle. You can order a custom jigsaw puzzle to build together on the right day. You can also sit down for any word game that allows you to spell out your proposal.

A brainy significant other that likes challenges is all about logic and precision. They’ll probably prefer one of the classic engagement ring designs like a solitaire or cushion cut stone.

4. Special Delivery

Pave Emerald Cut Vedara Aquamarine Ring with Diamond in 14K Rose Gold

You might want to surprise your partner with something completely out of the box — or should we say something that’s totally in it? Cut out the bottom of a large box that can fit you inside and wrap it with paper and a ribbon. Attach a card with a cute quote about this gift lasting a lifetime and deliver yourself to your significant other’s doorstep.

This girl probably loves to laugh and will take your “gift” in the spirit in which it was intended. The best ring for her is probably a halo design or modern style colored engagement ring that embodies her jovial personality.

5. Beach Proposal

Beach proposals are very romantic, but are they original? If the beach is your happy place, create a special proposal with a message in a bottle. Bury the bottle in a spot where you can easily find and stumble upon it with your partner. When you dig up the bottle, let them read the romantic message and be ready to bust out the ring when they’re done.

A romantic at heart, a heart shaped ring sends a message like no other. If this is a bit too on the nose for you, a colored engagement ring in a marquis cut or princess cut could be the right choice!

Ready to plan your unique proposal idea and buy the perfect ring? Take advantage of the customization and free engraving options at AZEERA!

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