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If you were born in August, you have the unique privilege of having three gems from which to choose for birthstone jewelry to add a sparkle to your life:

  • Peridot

  • Spinel

  • Sardonyx

At AZEERA, we specialize in creating beautiful peridot birthstone jewelry, so we’ll focus here on this beautiful lime-green stone and its significance for people with an August birthday.

Peridot: The Ideal Gemstone for that Evening Glow

Peridot is a type of olivine mineral with a yellowish-green hue that has been used decoratively since ancient times. Its name may have come from the Arabic word faridat, meaning “gem,” or the Anglo–Norman word pedoretés (from Latin pæderot-)—which was a type of opal. Due to its green color and intrinsic glow, this semi-precious stone has often been confused with emerald and has colloquially come to be known as “evening emerald” or “night emerald.”

Peridot’s Meaning and Symbolism

When given as a gift, peridot birthstone jewelry is believed to bring power and influence, protecting the wearer against envious thoughts, evil spirits, and night terrors. Ancient sages considered peridot to be a gift from Mother Nature to symbolize the annual renewal of creation. Whether you were born in August or simply enjoy the luminosity of this ancient stone, we believe that a peridot ring or cufflink set will fill your heart with happiness, love, and joy.

Famous Peridot Collections in History

Since the second century B.C., peridot has been featured in the adornments of priests and churches across Europe and the Middle East. The gem was also used at the Shrine of the Three Holy Kings in the Cologne Cathedral in Germany in which 200 carats of supposed emerald were actually found to be peridots. As rumor has it, the stones in Cleopatra’s renowned emerald collection may have actually been peridot as well!

Where Does Peridot Come From?

A flaming meteorite soaring through space

In contrast to most gems, peridot birthstone jewelry may contain gemstones with extraterrestrial origins. While most peridot was formed deep within Earth’s mantle under extreme conditions and brought to the surface by volcanic activity, some peridot has also been found in pallasite (nickel-iron and olivine) meteorites that traveled to Earth from outer space.

Geographical Distribution

The oldest known sources of peridot for use in peridot birthstone jewelry include the island of Zabargad (formerly Topazios) in Egypt where this birthstone was mined from around 340-279 BCE. Today, peridot is mined in Australia, Pakistan, China, Myanmar, Vietnam, Mozambique, Mexico, and Arizona in the United States.

A kind of peridot known as Hawaiite can be found in Peridot Beach in Hawaii where the sand glows a beautiful green. In Arizona, the peridot reserves in the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation were brought to the area by rivers of lava that made their way over the desert landscape. Several Apache families have mined these gems for generations.

Common Peridot Treatments

If you are considering investing in peridot birthstone jewelry to celebrate your August birthday or as a traditional gift for a 16th wedding anniversary, knowing the hardness rating of peridot can help you to care for your ring or cufflinks correctly.

Rating 6.5-7.0 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, peridot has a fair to good toughness but may be scratched by harder gems like diamond, ruby, sapphire, and topaz. It is naturally clear with few inclusions and does not need to be treated to achieve its signature color.

To protect your peridot and prevent damage, we suggest pairing this gemstone with a harder metal like platinum, palladium, or 14k yellow gold, and as with all of our gemstone rings, take off your peridot birthstone jewelry when swimming, washing dishes, or using abrasive materials. To clean your peridot ring or cufflinks, use a little mild dish detergent and warm water.

Design Ideas for Peridot Birthstone Jewelry

While peridot gemstone jewelry is traditionally set in yellow gold, we think that white gold provides a nice contrast that really brings out the gemstone’s luminosity. The abundance and affordability of the gem make it a great choice for a larger carat center stone that you can pair with diamonds for an even more luxurious look. Consider these ideas for a peridot engagement ring, peridot birthstone jewelry, or a ring to celebrate your 16th wedding anniversary:


A Solitaire Engagement Ring in White or Yellow Gold

For a classic-look engagement ring that is budget-friendly, consider a solitaire round-cut peridot gemstone with a band of white gold or yellow gold with diamond pavé. For something a little more offbeat, try an emerald-cut peridot gemstone in a horizontal East-West setting. Not only does this create excitement and visual interest, but it also prevents the gem from catching on your clothing.


A Vintage-Style Halo Ring in Yellow Gold

Whether intended as peridot birthstone jewelry or an engagement ring for your beloved, an oval-cut peridot gemstone set in a halo of diamonds is a magnificent design. Our favorite choice of metal for a vintage look is a band of 14k yellow gold, or go for 18k yellow gold for a little more luxury with a softer surface.


A Petite Peridot Everyday Ring

The most popular choice for peridot birthstone jewelry is a design from our collection of everyday rings. Created to give you a touch of sparkle without being confused for something else, these rings display a wonderful dash of creativity and are available in petite, simple, and statement styles. Try a group of small, round peridot gemstones in an asymmetrical band of white gold or combine your peridot gems with diamonds for a modern look and a touch of brilliance.


A Prong-Set Peridot Eternity Band

For the experienced lovebirds: Congratulations—you’ve made it to 16 years of marriage! A peridot eternity or half-eternity ring is the perfect choice for celebrating and reaffirming your relationship with your spouse. We recommend a series of alternating peridots and diamonds in a yellow gold band or a cool, maritime pairing of peridot with aquamarine set in a ring of 14k white gold.

Buy Custom Peridot Birthstone Jewelry at AZEERA

When shopping for peridot birthstone jewelry online, it’s worth paying for a quality product. At AZEERA, all of our gemstone sets are matched by hand and we only use the top 1% of the conflict-free gem material that we receive from our suppliers.

To create your one-of-a-kind ring, choose one of our existing designs and customize the gemstone, metal color, and accent stones to your liking, or create a completely new custom ring from scratch with your own drawing. Our founders are available seven days a week from 10 AM to 8 PM EST, and are happy to chat about your ideas. Contact us to get started on your beautiful, joy-filled peridot jewelry!

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