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Qimin Eugene engagement -

August 31 2017

Eugene proposed!

He completely surprised me and caught me off guard. (hence the no polish on nails in the pic below!!)

Apologies in advance for such a lengthy post, but since I'm not there to tell you in person, I want to be as detailed as possible.

How it happened:

So Saturday, we had plans to meet with my sister and her boyfriend for lunch at noon. However, night before, we had went out after our football game and didn't get home until 3am. I woke up super cranky and wanted to cancel lunch. Eugene said "what?! You can't cancel on her so last minute (angry face). As we are in the cab ride over, he said "oh btw, your sister is at the Brooklyn bridge now so we're going to meet her there". Since it was a beautiful day, the bridge was super crowded and I was hot, hungry and just obnoxious and angry at the world. Eugene checks his phone and said "Oh our other friends are actually here too with their kids. Let's go over and say hi".

We get to the middle of the bridge and see our friends taking pictures of their kids. They asked us if we can help them take pics and vice versa. After like 10 pics, finally, our friend Michelle goes "Eugene, why don't you and Qimin take one alone?" We take the picture and Eugene clears his throat and starts talking about the bridge.


"So, there's actually another reason why we are all here today. You know when we first started dating, you lived in Brooklyn and I lived in Queens and we always had to cross at least one bridge to see each other. It brought me to you."

He said some other stuff after that, but then his eyes started to water and he started to tear up. That's when I thought to myself  "Ohhh &*%!" He got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. I freaked out a little and asked him "ok, there are a lot of people looking at us right now, are you being serious?" Yes, he was :)

Some things to note about the photo below:

-Yes, Eugene is holding the ring box the wrong way and is proposing to himself.

-Yes, the tourists in the background are not phased and couldn't have cared less about what is happening

-Yes, Eugene really "dressed up" for the occasion.

After the proposal:

So I'm starving (but happy!). My sister told me she that she used our lunch as a decoy and she actually has to leave to meet her friends.The other couple had to go home and let the kids nap. Eugene told me he had to go back to Long Island to help his parents with errands. Naturally, I asked if he wanted me to go with him so we can tell his parents together about the news. He said it's a Korean tradition to tell his parents about the news alone. He told me to call my best friend out for a late lunch and tell her the news in person since he didn't tell anyone about it beforehand. (Qimin: "OK, so everyone is leaving me after a proposal??? what?") Without hesitation, I called my bestie and lo & behold, she was free & so was another friend and we were to meet at 3pm at a place that she suggested. I hurried back to my apt and painted my nails and dashed over to the brunch place.

On my way there, I get like all these texts from her, "Where are you? How much longer? Brunch ends in an hour! Text me when you are 10 minutes away and I'll order your drink". I get there, feeling all excited to tell my friend (even hid my left hand under my bag to add to the element of surprise) and I notice that the upstairs was completely packed. I see my friend and she goes "oh you're here, lets go upstairs". I'm like "No, why? It's so packed upstairs, let's stay down here". She goes "They are giving out FREE shots!! and pulls my upstairs.

There they were. Eugene and all of our closest friends and family greeting me (and my ugliest cry face ever) with a huge "Surprise! congratulations on your engagement" party.


Clearly, Eugene did the decorating.

Cristina Steven Engagement -

August 30 2017

Steve had made plans for us to go out to brunch in Asbury Park to celebrate my new job. Little did I know, Steve had a much bigger plan in mind. After brunch, we took a walk on the boardwalk and eventually headed into McLoone's for some drinks. 
When we got upstairs, we were looking over the balcony at the water. I turned around and Steve was down on one knee. He asked me to be his wife and of course, I said YES!
After the proposal, we went to Angelique's in Sea Bright, where both of our families were there waiting to celebrate with us. It was a wonderful day and one that we will never forget.

Kate Charles Engagement -

August 30 2017

It all started on the Metro North, I know, who would have thought I’d find my fiancé on my train ride home. Anyways, Charles was on the wrong train that day and he realized about 20 minutes through. Of course, being the good Samaritan I am I helped him find the right train to take and he left the train handing me a note. The note said “let’s continue this sometime” with his phone number on it. Of course, I was intrigued, and waited a few days before I texted him. Fast forward 1.5 years, he proposed!!! He took me to a place which we pre-decorated with a table and a meal cooked by him! It was a rooftop garden, not even sure how we were allowed up there, but it blew my mind. There were all sorts of colorful flowers and grass and even home make decorations Charles designed. It was something out of a movie. Of course I said yes .

James Lucy Engagement -

August 30 2017

It’s crazy how sports can bring people together. On the night the Blackhawks won Game 5 of the Stanely Cup Finals, I went out celebrating with my friends. There was an air of euphoria in the city. Our team was one win away from being champions! Everyone was happy, including non-hokey fans like Lucy. We glanced at each other amidst the celebrations. She smiled at how animated we were over a sports team. I walked over to her to share the excitement, but I found out that hokey wasn’t here thing. She was polite about it; she humored me in my overzealous ramblings. And she stuck by me and my fandom these last 2 years.


I can’t remember how many hokey games Lucy has endured with me. But I knew after the second one that she was the goalie to my heart. I proposed to her on the waterfront overlooking the city. It wasn’t her request, but I kept any Blackhawks memorabilia out of sight. It’s ok. She said yes, and I think she knows that hokey will be there for the rest of our lives!

Beth Brian Engagement -

August 30 2017

We met college over 15 years ago. Brian was the RA of our floor and I was a doe-eyed freshman charmed by his inability to hold a brief dorm meeting. What should have taken 5 minutes took an hour from all the stories and tangents he interjected in. Everyone else hated them, but it was my chance to admire Brian from afar. I never had the courage to ask him out, so I would stay till the very end hoping he would strike up a conversation with me. I had to wait until the end of the second semester to talk to him! Weeks before moving out, he approached me. My heart was racing. He asked me how my year was and what my plans were for the summer. He then teased how I would stay for his meetings but not say a word. Brian always knew that I liked him. But as an RA, he explained that he had to wait until the summer to ask me out which is why he avoided me all this time! The summer could not have come soon enough. We went on our first date the day after the semester ended when he was longer my RA. We’ve been together since. I don’t know why it took him so long to propose. I guess this whole time he was still going off on tangents telling stories and waiting for the right moment. I didn’t care.  At least he was doing it with me.

Thomas Anna Engagement -

August 30 2017

Anna’s a favorite color is red. Red is a tough color to wear, especially outside of summer. We don’t like doing the whole thing where we dress as a couple and try and match each other, but she likes it when we have playful contrast. My red shoes and her red scarf. I think we make it work.


Keeping with the red theme in our lives, I knew I had to get her a ruby ring for our engagement. I found the perfect one for her with ruby and diamond accent stones AZEERA! The design was perfect, and like us, there was a little bit of contrast. When I placed the order, I also made a special request for a red ring box which they supplied to me without any trouble.


The proposal went off without a hitch. She said yes! And she loved how the accent stones represent us!

Allen Natalie Engagement | Men's & Diamond Rings | Azeera -

August 30 2017

Natalie is a tough girl to impress, but that’s what I love about her. She makes me want to be the best version of myself. We first met at a bar that I’d occasionally visit on the other side of town. When I first saw her, I was floored. I thought to myself, I had to talk to her. I approached her casually, commenting on her dress. She was wearing the same one as she was in our proposal photo. Natalie being Natalie was unimpressed. She shrugged off my comments, but still gave me her attention. I knew I had to work to ask her out. Eventually she let her guard down and we spent the rest of the night chatting about hopes and dreams. It’s cliché to say, but we made a connection I never felt before. I knew after that evening, that Natalie was the one.


After four years of dating, I took her out on her birthday to propose. I made reservations at one of nicest restaurants in town. She had never been so I was excited to see her reaction. Getting a reservation wasn’t too hard, but I had to pretend for a few months that it was difficult because I wanted to save this place for this special occasion. She was impressed! After we finished dessert, I proposed to her. I don’t think she could have said no after an amazing meal! Natalie is a tough girl to impress, but I’m up for the challenge.

Lisa Frank Engagement | Men's & Diamond Rings | Azeera -

August 30 2017

I never would have thought that I’d meet the love of my life at the grocery store. We were both waiting patiently in the express line which was taking longer than expected. We didn’t know each then, but Frank was standing behind me and made a corny joke how the line was the opposite of express. It made me giggle. It wasn’t that funny actually, but I loved his energy and confidence to say something so silly. After checkout we chatted and exchanged phone numbers. For the next 3 years, he never stopped making those corny jokes and I never stopped giggling.


Frank proposed on a brisk autumn day in on our favorite park. Right before going down on one knee, he made another joke the leaves falling and him falling down. (To save him the embarrassment, I won’t repeat it here.) He then dramatically pretended to fall over. Typical Frank. When get up, he pulled a ring out and proposed. To be honest, it wasn’t the best proposal. He was covered in dirty leaves, but I didn’t love the man any less. I said yes. When we got home, we cleaned him and tried again in the company of friends and family who were all waiting to surprise me. Silly Frank! :)

Sophie Aman Engagement -

August 30 2017

My boyfriend and I were together for a year and a half at the time. We had a problem we were running into repeatedly; the problem was his work location. He worked in Jordan and I couldn’t go with him because of company’s strict policy (you had to be engaged to bring your partner with you). Sincerely, I am pretty sure I was ready to break up because there was a time when I hadn’t seen him for three months or so. So, one day he asked me to go to the airport with him to keep him company while waiting for his departure. Imagine how much I hated Jordan, his work and everything related to him not being around. Long story short, we were drinking coffee at the airport when he said he had to go to the bathroom. Apparently he knew I would instantly take my phone to check updates on Facebook. He was long gone when someone snatched my phone out of my hands. I started screaming and ran after him and when he "accidentally" stumbled a few meters away, I recognized his brother. He was there, lying on the floor and laughing at me. He told me to turn around and then I saw my current fiancé with a ring in his hand. Cheeky smile on his face is something I will never forget. I yelled at him, then hugged him and started to cry. I assume you know what my answer was :D My family came from nowhere dragging my luggage, and he showed me the second ticket. It was for me :D He had been planning everything with my family for a long time and I was so proud I have such a devoted man by my side.

Thomas Olivia Engagement -

August 30 2017

Here is our little story! I made Olivia go throughout Manhattan on a scavenger hunt. I left her little notes in 4 places, and finally end up at the same park which I took her on our first date. I told her to sit on the same bench we sat at towards the end of our first date and I was shocked that she actually remembered. I approached her and she stood up. I have a feeling she knew exactly what was coming next but she still denies it. I bent down on one knee and gave her a rose which had the ring inside it. She was confused at first because I asked her to marry me with a rose haha but then I took the ring out and put it on her hand. She laughed really hard out loud because it was super corny but she knew I was too simple to come up with anything extravagant. All in all the day was wonderful and Olivia said yes!

Christopher Candice Engagement -

August 30 2017

I proposed to Candice on June 10th, 2017. It was the best day of our lives, even without the proposal it would have been, haha. We were in Australia for my best friend’s wedding. I had already gotten the ring, and brought it with me to Australia, but I still hadn’t figured out how I would do it. I came up with the best idea ever!!! Propose under water. Candice has always wanted to go scuba diving, so I had planned the perfect proposal under water. I spoke to our scuba instructor in private and told him to allow me to carry a ring with me underwater, and to also make sure to click many photos of us. Candice had literally no idea, not the slightest hint of the proposal. In fact just to throw her off, I told her I was thinking to get engaged with her next summer. I could tell she was kind of sad but I knew what was going to happen during the trip J. So finally we went under water and when she least expected it, there I was with the ring. The look on her face was just wow. It truly was special. 

Jessica Robert Engagement Moment -

August 30 2017

Rob and I have been friends for over 20 years now. Little did we know our friendship would turn into something more. Our proposal story is pretty cool and also very out of the ordinary. On May 20th I got a call from Rob saying pack up your bags we are going on a trip. He came to pick me up and we drove for about 3 hours. I had no idea where we were going and he wouldn’t tell me a thing. Finally we reach a beautiful water area with lots of boats. We has a nice seafood lunch and went for a walk along the boardwalk. It was nearing 6pm and I was very tired, so I told Rob I wanted to go to the hotel for a bit. He said “sure but let’s walk along the beach back to the hotel”. As we are walking down the beach I see a ton of rose petals forming a heart on the sand. Nothing registered in my head until I see Rob inching in front of me approaching the middle of the heart. He got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. It was the best moment of my life, and I did not see it coming at all. Middle of the day. He planned it so well. I can’t wait to spend my whole life with this man.


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